What is it?

-o-l-o-g-y is a questionnaire made by artists.

It's an international project which seeks to spotlight the modus operandi of artists working today. By bringing the ideas and topics of individual artists together we hope to present a cloud of ideas which is indicative of the current art milieu.

A large component of the -o-l-o-g-y project is online however there will also be an exhibition held from Dec. 7th to Dec. 21st at the Amstel 41 Gallery in Amsterdam. The exhibition will consist of a visual overview and extended dialogue of the project.

Why is it interesting?
We believe this project allows an overview of the ideas being dealt with by a variety of artists. -o-l-o-g-y seeks to give everyone the freedom to analyze and derive their own conclusions about what this cloud of ideas means to us all. We feel sharing the ideas artists are working with is challenging, inspiring, and enriching for everyone. -o-l-o-g-y is intended to function as a platform where ideas raised by artists can be reflected upon by the public.
What is the structure?
We invited artists to submit several questions that deal with conceptual or topical concerns relevant to their practice. For every question they submitted they were also asked to give possible answers. These questions and answers were compiled into an online questionnaire which anyone may view and answer. The entire project will be presented at the Amstel 41 gallery (see dates above) and we will also publish all documentation on the website after the exhibition.
Why should I take the questionnaire?
Taking the questionnaire is a way of acquiring a larger vista of the topical territory that some artists are busy with. Each participating artists will be able to view your responses to their questions. By participating in -o-l-o-g-y you are able to take part in an environment of reciprocation and dialogue that seeks to examine ideas.
How can I view and respond to the questionnaire?

Before you may view and respond to the questionnaire, you will need to answer 2 questions about yourself. We do not collect or use any personal information on visitors to the -o-l-o-g-y website.

If you are ready to get started just click here. You may answer as many or as few questions as you like and return at any time to view more of the questionnaire at your leisure.

Do you still have questions?
Please email Maxim Tyminko or Adriel van Drimmelen at i-n-f-o@o-l-o-g-y.com or you can subscribe to our mailing list.